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Foundation / the Milena principle


Private Foundation van Biesen-Mestdagh.


the Milena principle is the artistic platform of the Private Foundation Van Biesen-Mestdagh, functioning within the Foundation as its creative center for artistic presentation, production, participation and reflection, organisatory and financially managed by the Private Foundation Van Biesen-Mestdagh.



Geert Vermeire (B) [curator, writer, performance artist and managing director of the Milena principle].


Geert Vermeire



Members of the board Private Foundation Van Biesen-Mestdagh/the Milena principle:

Annemie Mestdagh (B) [web master, photography, production assistant], Stefaan van Biesen (B) [visual artist, multi media, sound artist, writer] & Filip Van de Velde (B) [art historian, curator and working at S.M.A.K, museum of contemporary art Ghent Belgium].


Filip Van de VeldeStefaan van Biesen



Some of the collaborators of the Milena principle:

Peter De Schouwer (B) [traveller, poet, economical analysis], Shaomin Xue (B/China) [Chinese doctor, research], Dr. Simona Vermeire (Rom/Port) [writer, research, literay consult], Walter Van Dam (B) [writer, education], Bregt Smeets (B) [dental research, criminologist].

Simona VermeireWalter Van DamBregt Smeets



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