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M A D E . O F . W A L K I N G :

[International meeting walking artists]  Akamas peninsula Cyprus 29.06 > 08.07.2018.



I N D E P E N D E N D . A R T . F A I R S :

[Platforms Projects] Athens Greece. Curated by Artemis Potamianou (Moma NY & Tate London).17.05>20.05.2018.



E X H I B I T I O N S :

[S.T.E.P....] (Saunter, Trek, Escort, Parade....). Queens Museum Park New York USA November > December 2018.



S C H O O L . P R O J E C T S :

[Letters to a Tree] educational project De Toren School Melsele Beveren Belgium 2018.

[Made of Walking] Workshops with Art Students Guimaraes Portugal 2018.



A R T . P R O J E C T S :

[Fingers Don't Know What The Hand Will Do] joint project Annelies Slabbynck, Stefaan van Biesen & Geert Vermeire 2018.



A R T . F E S T V A L S :

[Library of Walks] In situ version. Kinono Art Gathering in Tinos island Greece 2018.

[Libraries As Gardens] Analogio Festival. Director: Sissy Papathanassiou. Athens Greece 21.09 > 27.09.2018.



S O U N D S C A P E :

[Ghost Conference] Bunkier Sztuki [Museum gallery] in Krakow Poland, on Saturday 16.06.2018.

[En balade avec Rimbô] media walk & sound compositions ⋈ La Romieu France April 2017>2018.



P E R F O R M A N C E S :

[Leafless (IV)] Eleftheria Rapti & Lina Eftstathiou Platform Projects Athens Greece 17.05 > 20.05.2018.

[Leafless (V) Duo Performance] Eleftheria Rapti & Lina Eftstathiou Analogio Festival Athens Greece 21.09 > 27.09.2018.



U T O P I A . B O O K :

[Platform Projects] presentation at the Independed Art Fair. Athens Greece 17.05 > 20.05.2018.



M E E T I N G S :

[Table Of Meetings] the Milena principle meeting 05.02.2018.





See more about the projects in 2018:





S.T.E.P.... [Saunter, TREK, ESCORT, PARADE....] New York USA November > December 2018.


Flux Factory September 06.09 > 28.09.2018 and Queens Museum November to December 2018.


Curators: Christina Freeman, Moira Williams & Emireth Herera. 


Saunter Trek Escort Parade...S.T.E.P. Sep 06-Sep 30 S.T.E.P... seeks to be an overlapping convergence and entanglement of walking, walk-based works and programming, mobilizing throughout New York. S.T.E.P... embraces the many ways and bodies we walk while asking how walking as a creative act can challenge notions and open conversations around visibility, gender, labor, exploration, counter-mapping, colonialism, feminism, motherhood, contesting borders, community building, calling out gentrification, street harassment, 'dis'ability, carbon debt, who sets the pace and measurement of the world, the power of dreams, and our entanglements between all of these and one another.



Artists + Collaborators: Ariel Abrahams + Tal Gluck, Francheska Alcantara, Artcodex - Mike Estabrook + Vandana Jain, Annie Berman, Tom Bogaert, Becky Brown + Annette Cords, Compassionate Action Enterprises - Joan Giroux + Lisa Marie Kaftori, Xenia Diente, Magali Duzant, Katie Etheridge + Simon Persighetti, Brendan Fernandes, Ray Ferreira, Gudrun Filipska + Carly Butler, Alexander Freeman, Frontview, Angeline Gragasin, David Helbich, Claire Hind + Gary Winters, Lisa Hirmer, Maya Kaminishi Jeffereis, Walis Johnson + Paul Sue-Pat, Kyla Kegler, Kubra Khademi, illesha Khandelwal, Dominika Ksel, gil lopez + Mitch Waxman, Mary Magsamen + Stephan Hillerbrand, Coralina Rodriguez Meyer, Lisa Myers, Kristyna and Marek Milde, Sara Morawetz , Clare Qualmann, Morag Rose + The Loiterers Resistance Movement, Julie Poitras Santos, Marcos Serafim + Jefferson Kielwagen + Steevens Simeon, SleepWalks - Lee Pembleton + Andrea Williams, Camille Turner, Geert Vermeire + Stefaan van Biesen + Simona Vermeire, Jevijoe Vitug plus Walking Discourse - Astrid Kaemmerling + Minoosh Zomorodinia.


Opening + Curators' Tour: Sep 6, 6-9pm. Closing Reception + Walk: Sep 29, 6-9pm.




Analogio Festival Athens / Greece 2018 - Open Call: Libraries As Gardens.



Open Call for public art and performances, workshops and talks/presentations for the exhibition-gathering "Libraries as gardens", relating public space, body, digital arts and new media, during Analogio Festival Athens 21-27 September 2018 / Athens World Book Capital 2018


The exhibition “Libraries as gardens” invites you to collaborate with visual, digital, performing artists, writers and cultural workers. It is part of the forthcoming edition of Analogio Festival, September 21-27, 2018, with performing arts from around the world. Analogio Festival has been annually organized since 2005 and in 2018 its focusing on Asia /Far East, including a tribute to South Africa, with workshops from international artists and in collaboration with the Unesco's International Playwright's Forum (IPF/ITI).


The exhibition "Libraries as gardens" will be conducted in collaboration with the Milena principle, Unesco's International Playwright's Forum (IPF/ITI), Drama School of the Greek Art Theater - Athens, Laboratory of Music Acoustics and Technology, as well as the Department of Education and Media of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


We are open to proposals for public art and performances, focusing on the creative potential of movement practices in the city. We applaude disciplinary diversity: performances and walking performances outdoors, and outdoors/indoors related performative visual/ installation, time-based media, virtual work, online-IRL hybrids, and others.


Creating and sharing imaginary libraries as gardens

We invite groups and individuals, to create and share performances, walks and installations that suggest innovative, experimental approaches to the city and its natural environment. The works should encompass engaging ways of intervening public spaces and relate to Athens' social/cultural/geographical fabric.


Topic Libraries as gardens

Buildings are for human being the same way as gardens are for trees. Gardens are places to walk and look, but not to live. How could a garden and its trees become a library? How humans and trees can interact in a garden? How can a garden be a more attractive place that can be used as it was a library. How can a garden become productive for the mind? This concept is the theme of a project of co-creation with writers, artists, performers, creatives of all disciplines and cultural workers with a focus on works involving sharing, intimacies, participation and collaboration.


Personal or remote participation

Artists can propose a participation on location, but are also encouraged to contribute remotely. The proposed performative action / installation is meant to be performed remotely by others (performers, public, or mixed) in Athens. We expect to receive a "manual"', a brief or a detailed movement score (step by step instructions for one performer/participant, two performers/participants, ... a group/a crowd). Selected performative works from the open call will be performed by volunteers (performers / dancers / movement artists / and the public). Participants are as well the audience. The performances are meant to be realized collaboratively to fully experience the works. In fact participants and public become part of it. We call as well on artists, creatives, researchers and cultural workers to propose workshops and presentations relating to the theme.


Artistic works, workshops and talks/presentations

Artists and creative professionals of all fields are welcome to apply (performers, dancers, actors, musicians, sound artists, designers, painters, sculptors, new media artists, digital artists, internet artists, software and app developers, video artists, installation and technology artists, architects, social and community artists, writers, etc.). Artistic collectives, groups and artists with disabilities are strongly encouraged to participate. We encourage artists to engage with those less engaged, to empower those who are disempowered. Via this open call, writers, artists and creatives are invited to apply with an idea, preferably (but not obligatory) in a collaboration, within the field of space, text and body, relevant to the theme. Performance, digital arts and new media will be the final form of the works, even though the artistic form of proposals can be wider, focusing on interaction and exchange. We call as well on artists, creatives, researchers and cultural workers to propose workshops (max duration one day) and presentations relating to the theme.



Selected proposals will be part of the Analogio Festival 2018, in the form of performances (interactive with digital media), to be presented in venues and locations of passage and transition, across the city. In selected theatres and in the exhibition venue we will present selected works, as well possible in a documentary form (video/sound), next to presentations and workshops.



No production budget or another financial support for the artists can be offered, we do provide support during the exhibition, curatorial and artistic development, next to an important media and public campaign. We facilitate in letters of invitation, as well in support for travel grants for artists from Asia and Australia (ASEF travel grants, deadline 31 June) and STEP travel grants for artists from 59 countries in and around Europe (applying latest 60 days before travel date).



The exhibition and gathering investigates and wants to stimulate collaboration between performers, writers and digital artists in public space. Through creating an artistic network working on body and technology communication, we anticipate stimulating awareness, care and an incentive for public spaces reconsidering the cultural, political, ecological and human dimensions of our living environment.


Participation fee

A participation fee of 30 euros is applicable to the artists, and 50 euros for researchers, covering local costs, and giving access to all activities of the Festival. Participants that have limited financial possibilities can request a reduction or for the fee to be waived, with a justification. Libraries of Gardens is a non-profit event, without funding and realized by the volunteer efforts of all involved.




Please send us


- Full name of the applicant (for group/collective projects indicate the title of the group, full name of the person representing OR leading the group).

- Postal address, telephone, country, email address, website (if available).

- Profession, discipline.

- Brief statement of the applicant, no longer than 200 words.

- Brief resume.

- A copy of passport/ID card (of every member of the group for collective projects).

- Subject line of email: "Libraries as gardens

- Analogio 2018".

- In the email include a brief 3

-line statement summarizing your project.

Deadline for completed application: June 30, 2018 by e-mail on

For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at the e-mail above.






[Library of Walks] In situ version. Tinos island Greece 25.07 > 28.07.2018.



All about walking.
Kinono Art Gathering in Tinos.

Library of Walks: an installation by Stefaan van Biesen, walks with Vermeire Geert. Plantescape with Simona Vermeire. 

Music of biofauna with Anastasia Georgaki. Music improvisations by students of Department of Musical Studies (University of Athens). July 25th, Katapoliani Monastery.


Nomad Gardens: sound/-landscapes of Tinos. Between Agapi - Volax, a narrative walk, interpreting the dry stone landscape with storytelling and site specific interventions on the trail by Ecomuseum. The narration will be accompanied with in situ music performances on the go, by students of the Department of Musical Studies (University of Athens), followed by a concert of Sound Poetry in Volax village. 
July 27th, Agapi - Volax.


Garden of fig trees, an improvisation concert based on walks throughout the landscapes of Tinos with ten students of the Department of Musical Studies (University of Athens), presenting compositions of soundscapes and sound poetry, Coordinator: Anastasia Georgaki Composer: Orestes Karamanlis. Students:Μποσινάκη Ειρήνη – Αφένδρα, Γιάννης Σταματογιάννης, Ερωφίλη Παναγιωταρέα, Βασίλης Μπίλας, Χρήστος Νταούλας, Αναστασία Καπετανάκη, Γιώργος Μιζήθρας, Λιάνα Γκιόζου, Γιώργος Κόκκινος
July 28th, Volax.





Ghost Conference is a multi-channel sound installation consisting of a music/auditive compositional layer, a vocal and soundscape storytelling layer [stories told by physical or metaphorical refugees and migrants from all over the world], a textual layer [spoken live or recorded by narrators], a techno-philosophical layer [told by humans or robots]. The basic assumption of the work is a radical rejection of any hypostatic and monumental definition of identity [national, religious, traditional]. Ghost Conference materialises in a virtual venue, where internet and telephone infrastructures provide the new sensorial organism to manifest its phenomena and co-extension in one and multiple places.


In practice, the idea is to have all the participants connecting with us through various means of electronic communications ways [Skype, telephone, Jitsi, Whatsapp etc.] and speak to us and to our audience about given set of topics. The topics for the first event would circulate around the theme of migration [in a very broad sense], space availability, co-existence and/or disappearance of materiality. The event will take place in Bunkier Sztuki gallery in Krakow, on Saturday June 16th, between 3pm and 7pm.


Ghost Conference. Together with Marcin Barski (sound-artist/music curator), Lorenzo Brusci (composer, inventor) and with a support of Bunkier Sztuki Art Gallery. Afour-hour-long live-processed global sound-text composition based on materials provided by contributors from all around the world.

We are grateful for their wonderful contributions and we'd like to thank each of them. Thank you so much Andreja Andric, Michel Banabila, Ess Beck, Michael Begg, Burkhard Beins, Stefaan van Biesen, Alessandro Bosetti, Yury Bulka, Luca Canciello, Francesco Capann, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Patryk Daszkiewicz, Sandra Fruehbing, Charles III Goff, Paweł Górecki, Oriana Hadad, Thomas Harzem, Bogna Juchnowicz, Aleksandra Klimczak, Monika Konrad, Matthias Kranebitter, Joseph Kudirka, Michał Libera, Artur Lis, Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz, Svetlana Maras, Claudia Mel, Antoni Michnik, Chrysti Mouratidou, Olia Olina, Dominika Peszko, Antonella Radicchi, Kamil Radomski, Sara Rodowicz-Slusarczyk, Paul Roth, Adam Rzepecki, Jacek Smolicki, Kat Steih, Jarek Tochowicz, Ada Valeria, Geert Vermeire, Sławomir Wojciechowski, Yoshi Yubai, Rafilid Zacharoula, Kacper Ziemianin.






[Made of Walking (IV) 2018] Neon Chorio [Akamas Peninsula Cyprus] 29.06 > 08.07.2018.



Activities Made of Walking pdf >>>


Participants Made of Walking pdf >>>


Schedule Made of Walking pdf >>>


Made of Walking (IV ) - Plant(e)scape
29th of June - 8th of July 2018
Sites embodied / Nature Embodied 2018 - Akamas / Cyprus 
the Milena principle - Dance Gate Lefkosia

in collaboration with Nicosia University - Fine Arts, Neapoli University Paphos - School of Architecture.


In 2018 Made of Walking is organized in Cyprus in the frame of Sites embodied / Nature Embodied 2018, a continuation of the project Sites Embodied Cyprus during Pafos2017, focusing this year on the villages of Neon Chorio and Smigies in the Akamas Peninsula, a fragile nature reserve, with a precious and unique ecology. The diversity of flora and fauna living in this relatively small area is truly impressive. On a European level, Cyprus including the Akamas area has been identified as one of the rare, still remaining areas of endemism (species being unique to a defined geographic location) in Europe. The topic Plant(e)scape is explicitly referring to the plant habitats of Akamas.

Location Made of Walking Akamas Summer 2018:…/akamas-peninsula.html


Theme of Made of Walking this year is Plant(e)scape, relating to human motion and emotion in a plenary botanical background, and combining walking as a creative instrument with two emergent sciences: Spaziergangwissenschaft (promenadology) and Critical Plant Studies (Vegetal Philosophy: Plant-Thinking). 
Promenadology is a "tool" to explore our everyday living environment, as well as for delivery of content and knowledge, in combination with Critical Plant Studies, departing from literature and considering the plants as living entities with their own consciousness, as thinking, sentient beings, not mere objects to be studied and classified; they are also agents in the production of meaning. Following the logic of a symbiotic being in the world, (shared by humans, animals and plants), where the anthropomorphic centrality is lost, we aim to recover a vegetal point of view and creating new ecological meanings that may deepen symbolic and aesthetic levels.

The gathering invites to live sound and performance works, walks, workshops and presentations, accompanied by workshops by invited key note sound artists, walking artists, performers and researchers.


All walking practitioners, researchers, performative and movement artists, (digital and non digital) artists, musicians and sound artists are invited to apply, as long their work relates with movement outdoors or spatial music/sound practices. Application can be both as attendee or as contributor with a proposed walk/performance, locative or outdoor installation, workshop and/or presentation.

We seek for: 
⦁ Live performances relating to sound, literature and walking to be held in landscape / countryside throughout the event with the participation of the general public/local residents. 
⦁ Workshops by researchers and by artists: for the participants, general public and local residents along workshops for students of various disciplines of the institutes involved
⦁ Public talks, presentations and conferences, for a large audience. 
An open an international digital platform will be realized during and after the event, extending the gathering on a worldwide level, including streaming and live podcasts of the actions and talks to the broad network of Made of Walking.


No funding is available for the selected contributors or participants, although we will provide in letters of invitation and in advice for available alternative funding opportunities.


To register for "Made of Walking 2018", please complete your application by sending the following information in an editable document to
- Full name of the applicant (for group/collective projects indicate the title of the group, full name of the person representing OR leading the group).
- Postal address, telephone, country, email address, web site (if available).
- Profession, discipline.
- Brief statement of the applicant, no longer than 200 words.
- Brief resume.
- A copy of passport/ID card (of every member of the group for collective projects).
- Subject line of email: "Made of Walking Akamas 2018".
- In the email include a brief 3-line statement summarizing your project. 

Deadline for completed application: May 31st, 2018. We encourage participants to apply as soon as possible since places are limited. Accepted participants will be notified within two weeks after applying. 
Submit completed application at:

"Made of Walking Akamas 2018" is part of the of Sites embodied / Nature Embodied 2018, a continuation of the project Sites Embodied Cyprus, organized by Dance Gate Lefkosia during Pafos2017 in the Akamas Peninsula, a natural reserve in a collaboration with University of Nicosia / Fine Arts and Neapoli University Pafos / School of Architecture. 

Participants are invited to the gathering from June 29th to July 8th, 2018. During this time, they will have access to accommodation in apartments in Neon Chorio, individual support, lunch and dinner. Longer stays or earlier arrivals can be arranged on request with a surcharge. 
The program costs (including participation to all events, accommodation in shared apartment, lunch and dinner): 
⦁ 550 euro all included per participant for double or shared twin room occupation in a two room apartment for 9 days (as long available).
⦁ 640 euros all included per participant for single room occupation in two room apartment for 9 days (as long available).
Transport from Paphos airport to Neon Chorio is not included. 
A limited number of reduced fees are available on request with justification. 
For any information on conditions and accommodation please directly contact


Selected and key note artists: Tracey M Berntsen (Australia), Ienke Kastelein (Holland), Lezli Rubin-Kunda (Canada/Israel), Rosie Montford (UK), Haris Pellapaisiotis (Cyprus), Panagiotis Lezes (Greece), Arianna Economou (Cyprus), Stefaan van Biesen (B), Annemie Mestdagh B), and Vermeire Geert (B).


Curators-coordinators: Vermeire Geert and Arianna Economou
Concept Plant(e)scape: Simona Vermeire

Organizers: the Milena principle and Dance Gate Lefkosia





[Platform Projects] Independent Art Fair. Athens Greece 17.05>20.05. 2018.


Curated by Atemis Potamianou [MoMa NY, Tate London] Presentation the Milena principle booth 29. School of Fine Arts Athens Greece. the Milena principle: Geert Vermeire, Stefaan van Biesen, Annemie Mestdagh, booth participation: Annelies Slabbynck. (Photo below).



Guest artists/performances:

Marianna Makri, Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou, Panagiotis Lezes, Eleftheria Rapti, Lina Efstathiou.



Image of the Leafless (IV) performance by Lina Efstathiou 20.05.2018.


Curator Artemis Potamianou (MOMA NY & Tate London), who is currently based in Athens, considers the Milena principle as one of the 49 most important independent art platforms from all over the world, distinguishing themselves by working on unconventional ways and by establishing unexpected and influential debates on art. Based on the “unity is strength” principle, the platforms have secured their own place on the international art arena without antagonizing the environment they are called upon to serve.


[Leafless (IV)] performance Eleftheria Rapti & Lina Efstathiou.

Independed Art Fair. School of Fine Arts Athens Greece 17.05>20.05. 2018.

Leafless IV is a: 'nomadic prop for silent gestures'. Starting from the idea of: 'a prop looking for a performer'. Stefaan van Biesen invites body or movement artists, dancers to use the prop as an instrument of introspection.



Special thanks to the performers: Eleftheria Rapti & Lina Efstathiou.

Stefaan van Biesen appeals to the experiences of a person to explore a public space. The fundamental fact of moving in time and space. Scanning the environment in relation to others. It is a combination of letting go and remembering. He assumes that the divine wisdom of the body knows what to do. All information is present in the body. Saved impressions and experiences are an emotional archive that can immediately be tapped or addressed to. For Stefaan van Biesen the essence of a performance is a meaningful ritual, a sacral event. No banal action without any meaning. He does not see it as a form of improvisation, rather as a state of being. In our archetypal gestures, the human legacy of our culture and civilization is shown to the viewer as an appealing memory bank. The attribute is a nomadic object that the participant can use to get started. It is an invitation to a feeling thinking.


Realisation prop: Annemie Mestdagh.

Curator Artemis Potamianou and the selection committee of Platforms project 2018 selected the Milena principle as one of the 40 representative art platforms worldwide to showcase their work and collaborations in Lisbon and Athens.

the Milena principle presents together with befriended collectives and organisations in Lisbon and Athens a collaborative sound-and visual installation, demonstrating the effect towards other cities, through a network of artistic interventions with remote users from other cities. The juxtaposition of artistic interventions and experiences of different urban environments suggesting the acknowledgement of coherence emphasized in the practices of everyday life-urban rituals, rather than the contrast implied by the geographical and cultural differences.





Utopia Book [version IV] Platform Projects [Independent Art Fair] Athens 2018.



Presentation of the Utopia Book at Platform Projects [the Independed Art Fair] School of Fine Arts Athens 2018. Booth 29 the Milena principle. Curated by Artemis Potamianou (Moma NY & Tate London).


'Utopia (just around the corner). A silent group walk, moving in a flow through Nicosia, Brussels, NY City, with no other intention then to get lost, with a book, inspired by Thomas More's, but containing only one word, "Utopia". It is a book that resembles a walk, it is not linear, it opens from different angles, it has pages folded in pages, you can open and browse it in different directions, not a book to be read, but a book to be shared spontaneously between the participating walkers, to be carried around in silence and to be opened on places that come towards them, as an inviting to open and read the place, the walkers and the moment in which they stand.





[Fingers Don't Know What The Hand Will Do] joint project with artist Annelies Slabbynck 2018.



During the years in the work of Annelies Slabbynck, Stefaan van Biesen & Geert Vermeire. 'Hands' have always played an important role. This is what binds them philosophically and artistically. They also share a nomadic vision in which their work travels through the world. This conclusion was the start of a joint project where new works are created and maybe earlier works are being redefined. Work that originated through various perspectives such as work used during or for performances, video and exhibitions. The whole project is a joint process where interaction can arise on each other's work or an artistic response to a specific work of both.





[Letters to a Tree] De Toren School Melsele Beveren Belgium 26.03>20.05.2018.



An educational art project / workshops for youngsters [the age of 10] at De Toren school Melsele Beveren Belgium. The artistic theme's of: 'Letters to a tree', 'the Library of Walks' are an inspiration for a project where nature, ecology, books, reading, writing, drawing, walking, is used as an instrument of knowledge and reflection.








[ Mapping our working space ]



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