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E X H I B I T I O N S :

[Urban Emptiness] Silence, Narrative and the Intimacy of the City ⋈ Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts Brussels 2018.



I N T E R N A T I O N A L - M E E T I N G S :

[Made of walking (V)] [International meeting walking artists]  Akamas peninsula Cyprus 29.06 > 08.07.2018.



I N D E P E N D E D . A R T - F A I R S :

[Platforms Projects] Athens Greece. Curated by Artemis Potamianou (Moma NY & Tate London).17.05>20.05.2018.



S C H O O L - P R O J E C T S :

[Letters to a Tree] educational project De Toren School Melsele Beveren Belgium 2018.

[Slow walking / silent walking] exercises with students of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels 2017/2018.



S O U N D S C A P E :

[En balade avec Rimbô] media walk & sound compositions La Romieu France April 2017/2018.



M E E T I N G S :

[Table Of Meetings] the Milena principle meeting 05.02.2018.




[Made of Walking (IV) 2018] Neon Chorio [Akamas Peninsula Cyprus] 29.06 > 08.07.2018.




Made of Walking (IV ) - Plant(e)scape
29th of June - 8th of July 2018
Sites embodied / Nature Embodied 2018 - Akamas / Cyprus 
the Milena principle - Dance Gate Lefkosia

in collaboration with Nicosia University - Fine Arts, Neapoli University Paphos - School of Architecture and the Museum of Walking London.


In 2018 Made of Walking is organized in Cyprus in the frame of Sites embodied / Nature Embodied 2018, a continuation of the project Sites Embodied Cyprus during Pafos2017, focusing this year on the villages of Neon Chorio and Smigies in the Akamas Peninsula, a fragile nature reserve, with a precious and unique ecology. The diversity of flora and fauna living in this relatively small area is truly impressive. On a European level, Cyprus including the Akamas area has been identified as one of the rare, still remaining areas of endemism (species being unique to a defined geographic location) in Europe. The topic Plant(e)scape is explicitly referring to the plant habitats of Akamas.

Location Made of Walking Akamas Summer 2018:…/akamas-peninsula.html


Theme of Made of Walking this year is Plant(e)scape, relating to human motion and emotion in a plenary botanical background, and combining walking as a creative instrument with two emergent sciences: Spaziergangwissenschaft (promenadology) and Critical Plant Studies (Vegetal Philosophy: Plant-Thinking). 
Promenadology is a "tool" to explore our everyday living environment, as well as for delivery of content and knowledge, in combination with Critical Plant Studies, departing from literature and considering the plants as living entities with their own consciousness, as thinking, sentient beings, not mere objects to be studied and classified; they are also agents in the production of meaning. Following the logic of a symbiotic being in the world, (shared by humans, animals and plants), where the anthropomorphic centrality is lost, we aim to recover a vegetal point of view and creating new ecological meanings that may deepen symbolic and aesthetic levels.

The gathering invites to live sound and performance works, walks, workshops and presentations, accompanied by workshops by invited key note sound artists, walking artists, performers and researchers.


All walking practitioners, researchers, performative and movement artists, (digital and non digital) artists, musicians and sound artists are invited to apply, as long their work relates with movement outdoors or spatial music/sound practices. Application can be both as attendee or as contributor with a proposed walk/performance, locative or outdoor installation, workshop and/or presentation.

We seek for: 
⦁ Live performances relating to sound, literature and walking to be held in landscape / countryside throughout the event with the participation of the general public/local residents. 
⦁ Workshops by researchers and by artists: for the participants, general public and local residents along workshops for students of various disciplines of the institutes involved
⦁ Public talks, presentations and conferences, for a large audience. 
An open an international digital platform will be realized during and after the event, extending the gathering on a worldwide level, including streaming and live podcasts of the actions and talks to the broad network of Made of Walking.


No funding is available for the selected contributors or participants, although we will provide in letters of invitation and in advice for available alternative funding opportunities.


To register for "Made of Walking 2018", please complete your application by sending the following information in an editable document to
- Full name of the applicant (for group/collective projects indicate the title of the group, full name of the person representing OR leading the group).
- Postal address, telephone, country, email address, web site (if available).
- Profession, discipline.
- Brief statement of the applicant, no longer than 200 words.
- Brief resume.
- A copy of passport/ID card (of every member of the group for collective projects).
- Subject line of email: "Made of Walking Akamas 2018".
- In the email include a brief 3-line statement summarizing your project. 

Deadline for completed application: May 31st, 2018. We encourage participants to apply as soon as possible since places are limited. Accepted participants will be notified within two weeks after applying. 
Submit completed application at:

"Made of Walking Akamas 2018" is part of the of Sites embodied / Nature Embodied 2018, a continuation of the project Sites Embodied Cyprus, organized by Dance Gate Lefkosia during Pafos2017 in the Akamas Peninsula, a natural reserve in a collaboration with University of Nicosia / Fine Arts and Neapoli University Pafos / School of Architecture and continuing its collaboration with Talking Walking (UK). 

Participants are invited to the gathering from June 29th to July 8th, 2018. During this time, they will have access to accommodation in apartments in Neon Chorio, individual support, lunch and dinner. Longer stays or earlier arrivals can be arranged on request with a surcharge. 
The program costs (including participation to all events, accommodation in shared apartment, lunch and dinner): 
⦁ 550 euro all included per participant for double or shared twin room occupation in a two room apartment for 9 days (as long available).
⦁ 640 euros all included per participant for single room occupation in two room apartment for 9 days (as long available).
Transport from Paphos airport to Neon Chorio is not included. 
A limited number of reduced fees are available on request with justification. 
For any information on conditions and accommodation please directly contact


Curators-coordinators: Vermeire Geert and Arianna Economou
Concept Plant(e)scape: Simona Vermeire
Key note artists and researchers: Stefaan van Biesen (visual artist), 

Haris Pellapaisiotis(researcher), Simona Vermeire Simfo Simfo(researcher),

Andrew Stuck Rethinking Cities/ Museum of Walking (walking creative), 

Arianna Economou (dance artist / dance activist).

Organizers: the Milena principle and Dance Gate Lefkosia





[Letters to a Tree] De Toren School Melsele Beveren Belgium 26.03>20.05.2018.



An educational art project / workshops for youngsters [the age of 10] at De Toren school Melsele Beveren Belgium. The artistic theme's of: 'Letters to a tree', 'the Library of Walks' are an inspiration for a project where nature, ecology, books, reading, writing, drawing, walking, is used as an instrument of knowledge and reflection.




[Platforms Projects] Independed Art Fair Athens Greece. 17.05>20.05. 2018. The team: Artemis Potamianou [Tate London - MOMA NY curator], Michalis Argyrou [co-director], Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos [Chief research & development].



Curator Artemis Potamianou (MOMA NY & Tate London), who is currently based in Athens, considers the Milena principle as one of the 49 most important independent art platforms from all over the world, distinguishing themselves by working on unconventional ways and by establishing unexpected and influential debates on art. Based on the “unity is strength” principle, the platforms have secured their own place on the international art arena without antagonizing the environment they are called upon to serve.


Curator Artemis Potamianou and the selection committee of Art Athina Platforms project 2015 selected the Milena principle as one of the 40 representative art platforms worldwide to showcase their work and collaborations in Lisbon and Athens.

the Milena principle presents together with befriended collectives and organisations in Lisbon and Athens a collaborative sound-and visual installation, demonstrating the effect towards other cities, through a network of artistic interventions with remote users from other cities. The juxtaposition of artistic interventions and experiences of different urban environments suggesting the acknowledgement of coherence emphasized in the practices of everyday life-urban rituals, rather than the contrast implied by the geographical and cultural differences.






[ Mapping our working space ]



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