Videos of performances - the Milena principle on You Tube


Video performances - interview - documentary


[Meander] performance at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Brussels - Urban Emptiness 2017.



[The Sergiu Celebidache Variations] Conducting a landscape...Performance/video Venice 2017.



[A Conversation Piece] Performance Venice Italy 10.10.2017.



[Unfolding Memories] Performance Venice Italy 09.10.2017.



[About Lucius Burckhardt and Joseph Beuys] a talk at Documenta 14 Kassel Germany 2017.



[Enter the Triangle] performance Made of Walking Delphi Animart Summer School 2017.



A talk about the Utopia project in Limassol and Nicosia - Urban Emptiness Network NeMe Arts Centre 2017.




[Utopia Book - Limassol and Nicosia] Helene Black NeMe Limassol Cyprus 2017.



[Sensing Silence] registration performance at EMST (Museum of Contemporary Art) Athens Greece 2016.



[Sketchbook Urban Emptiness] Stefaan van Biesen & Geert Vermeire Edinburgh Scotland 2016.



[Video Talk] by Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen about Urban Emptiness Q-O2 Brussels 2016.



[Video Talk] by Geert Vermeire and Stefaan van Biesen about Urban Emptiness Edinburgh 2016.



[The Diogenes Variations] Sculpture Court College Of Art University Edingburg during Urban Emptiness 2016



[Unisono] Silence performance College of Art University Edinburgh during Urban Emptiness 2016.



[Talk at The Bath House Of The Winds] Invisible Cities at Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Athens 2015.



[On the Surface] writing in water - performance Geert Vermeire - Venice 2015.



[Unfolding the City] performance by Geert Vermeire during the 'Sea Born' project Venice 2015.



[Sea Born] performance for 'Cities and Memories' Italian Institute in Athens - Giudecca Venice 2015.



A Talk about the 'Sea Born' performance in Venice 2015 for Cities and Memories, Italian Institute Athens 2015.



[Writing and reading the city through the body...] Interview for B_Tour Festival Leipzig Germany 2015.



[Urban Rituals / Resounding Cities] Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon Lisbon Portugal 2015.



[Water Carrier - for I am water now] Museu Nogueire da Silva Braga Portugal 2014.



[Liquid Islands] an urban ritual Venice Italy 2011.



Interview with Geert Vermeire [Aberto Brasilia] CCBB Brazil 2011.



[the Letter] in the garden of the Biscainhos Museum [Braga Portugal 2011].


[Throwing whispers] the Milena principle [Largo S. Tiaga, Braga Portugal 2011].


[the Go-between] the Milena principle [exhibition Museo Nogueira da Silva Braga Portugal 2011].

[the space between] in the garden of the Biscainhos Museum [Braga Portugal summer 2011].


[Score for Buzzer (I)] the Milena principle [ Jahnishausen Germany 2011].


[Canto indentro] the Milena principle ⋈ performance [Jahnishausen Germany 2011].


[Water carrier] the Milena principle ⋈ intervention [Athens Greece 2011].


[Rainsongs] the Milena principle ⋈ intervention [Athens Greece 2011].


[Urban Oracle] the Milena principle ⋈ performance [Athens Greece 2011].


[I wish we were like water] performance Geert Vermeire [Biscainhos Museum Braga Portugal 2010].


[the Go-between] adaptation of performance [Museo Noguiera da Silva Braga Portugal 2010].


[Homage to Patinir (1480-1524)] Video for 'Transmutações da Paisagem' [the Convent of Tibaes 2010].


[Grass drüber] interview Niki Fröhling & Ingrid Pee- the Milena principle [Kassel Germany 2007].


[The Fire Place] Meeting with Dr. Rhea Thöngens Stringaris & Ingrid Pee [Kassel Germany 2007].



[Residents of Cities] Table of Meetings in the house of Niki Fröhling [Amsterdam NL 2006].



[Grunewald Variations] performance [Berlin Germany 2006].

[Dans-t-u? - Do You Dance?] public performance by Filip Van de Velde, 'Moving Image' Belgium 2006.

[the Naumburg Variations] performance [Naumburg Germany 2005].



[Bridgewriter] performance [Venice Italy 2005].

[Mirrorman] performance [Venice Italy 2005].


[Whisperer] performance About Melancholy [De Campagne Drongen Belgium 2004].

[Wereldstede - Sleeper (II)] performance About Melancholy [De Campagne Drongen Belgium 2004].

[Score for Buzzer(I)] performance Geert Vermeire 'About Melancholia' [De Campagne Drongen Belgium 2004].



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