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E X H I B I T I O N S :

[Drifting Bodies/Fluent Spaces] Casa da Memoria Art Centre ⋈ Guimaraes Portugal 11.07 > 25.07.2020.



M A D E . O F . W A L K I N G [ VII & VIII ]:

[Drifting Bodies/Fluent Spaces] International Meeting Walking Artists [ VII ] ⋈ Minho University Guimaraes Portugal 2020.

[Sound Walk] Made of Walking [ VIII ] ⋈ Sao Paulo Brazil > September 2020.



S O U N D . P R O J E C T S :

[Oika & CGeomap] Locative media, spatial writing/storytelling ⋈ Xoan Xil, Horacio, Fred Adam & Rich Blundell 2020.







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Drifting bodies - Fluent spaces. Online meeting/conference about Walking Arts. Guimaraes, Portugal 21-25 July 2020. EAUM/Lab2PT/University of Minho - Made of Walking (VII)
Main themes:
  • drift/psychogeography, as subversive practice, as an urban game – playfulness and risk
  • the fluid body and senses, (re)writing and (re)reading the city through the body
  • emptiness – silence, exploring these as transformative elements of places and situations
  • walking stories, looking into walking narratives and their intermedia translations
We still accept your brief proposals till May 15th, but preferably as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to brief summaries (150 - 200 words) for
  • "audio papers" that can be listened to during walking. Audio papers may have a performative or sound aesthetic layer, but can be as well a simple voice recording of a written paper/text. (full text and graphics will be published in an online publication, a selection will be published in paper format).
  • hybrid/online walkshops and walking performances
  • works of art that can be presented in a digital format / online exhibition
In consideration of the needs of the cultural and art community that is hit hard by the pandemic, we waive the conference fee for freelancers with no regular income or creatives that have lost their income.
For affiliated researchers the conference fee is 40 euros.




Libraries as Gardens project website launched.




This creative project wants to geolocate and map, on a global scale, the before, during and after of the coronavirus lockdown, through recordings of the stories of people, told in the libraries of their homes during quarantine and about the public gardens that they remember. The recordings are simultaneously transferred in an augmented audio project, with sound walks for the future, in the gardens when they open again, made available (for free) through CGeomap for all their walkers We ask you to send us two recordings you make in your home library – reading space, during the lockdown or before the end of June 2020. The process of recording and sending can be completely done on the website itself below in a few steps and in a few minutes, you don't need a recording device or camera. A project by CGeomap and by Made of Walking/the Milena principle


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Image credits and art work: Stefaan van Biesen & Annemie Mestdagh







Made of Walking (VII) Drifting Bodies / Fluent Spaces.

Minho University Guimaraes Portugal 2020.




Drifting Bodies / Fluent Spaces. 
Guimarães  - Portugal. 
Meeting/conference, 21 - 25 July. Exhibition, 11 - 25 July., 2020  
Made of Walking (VII) - Lab2PT/University of Minho -  City of Guimaraes. 


We are pleased to announce our next event - drifting bodies / spaces, international meeting / conference and exhibition on walking arts, in a collaboration between the lab2pt / uminho - made of walking (VII) and the city hall of guimarães - Portugal .
Below, you can read the announcement of the open call on arts of walking for articles, posters, art projects, walkshops - hiking and works of art for our meeting / conference and exhibition in guimarães - Portugal, during July 2020.

We await your participation.
General Coordination: Natacha Moutinho, Miguel Flag Duarte, geert vermeire - made of walking (VII)
Drifting Bodies / Fluent Spaces.
International Meeting / conference on the arts of walking in guimarães - Portugal
21-July 25, 2020
Walking Tales exhibition
11-July 25, 2020
Lab2pt / uminho - made of walking (VII) - Guimarães City Hall

Letter to walkers
Drifting bodies / fluent spaces is an international meeting on hiking in relation to the liquid bodies that cross the landscape. With a focus on intermedia and built-in practices, the project allows a laboratory of creation and research on the relationships between walks and abuse, sounds and silences, empty and busy places, digital and body spaces and floor stories, their narrations and translations.
The goal is to generate and share collective experiences, as well as the documentation of the various processes in the urban landscapes and in the urban setting of guimarães The project aims to explore critically how bodies and new technologies work together to produce new practices in space and public movement. Special attention will be given to the exploration of the city, which draws attention to people's daily actions and the negotiations of the spaces of the city, revealing the potential of An Evaluation of the place, in its built-in understanding, seeks to reveal its particular qualities, examine and comment on its role in the life of local communities and also suggest innovative ways for its mapping.

Top themes
Drift / Psychogeography, as a subversion practice, as urban game - play and risk
The Fluid Body and senses, (re) written and (re) reading the city through the body
Emptiness - silence, explored as elements of transformation, change, potential (hope, Utopia) of place and situation (possibility as fluidity)
Walking Stories, walking narrative and their intermediate translations

The drifting bodies / fluent spaces requests submissions for three forms of participation:

(I) Articles, II) artistic projects / works of art (III) workshops.
We invite you to send articles, artistic projects or works, floor workshops related to:
(a) hiking, performance events or actions affecting the relationship of the body and physical space, and the intangible areas of conscious and sensory experience,
(b) Digital Survey / new technologies of urban fluidity and drift as methodology,
(C) Farm documentation on experiential understanding of urban fluid that challenge current techniques of representation,
D) Stories / stories of the floor: Drifters narrative and their translations in intermedia.
Important dates

For Articles: 16 March 2020: submission of the summary.
For Art Projects / works of art: April 16, 2020: submission of the proposal
For Workshops / performances: April 16, 2020: submission of the summary
Info: (in progress)

Organization: Eaum, lab2pt, made of walking, Guimarães City Hall,
General Coordination: Natacha Moutinho, Miguel Flag Duarte, geert vermeire
Image: Stefaan of BiesenAnnemie Mestdagh - the Milena principle





the Milena principle 2020-2021

Into the Artmosphere (March - December 2020)

A series of group talks and group creation processes for artists/creatives about ecological intelligence, with environmental scientist Rich Blundell (Oika, US) and curator Geert Vermeire (the Milena principle, B), organized in Portugal, in the UK and in Greece,starting a creative dialogue with 40 artists from Portugal, UK, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain and Greece. 

Dr. Rich Blundell (Oika, US) and curator Geert Vermeire (the Milena principle, B)  launched the European part of this collaborative project at the beginning of the pandemic, inviting artists and creatives of all disciplines to work together with them in creating new works of ecological intelligent art. Over 5 to 6 sessions they delve with each group  into what ecological intelligence is, and how artists can experience, access and manifest ecological intelligence in their work. Based on a narrative about the natural history of art, they also consider the relationship between art and science, nature and new economic paradigms. Finally they explore the larger ecological role for art and artists in contemporary culture.


Libraries as gardens (March - December 2020)

Libraries as Gardens developed in 2020 as a sound project that wants to geolocate and map on a global scale the before, during, and after of the coronavirus lockdown, through people’s stories told and read in their personal libraries during quarantine and through their memories of public gardens. The recordings are simultaneously relayed in an augmented audio project, creating sound walks for the future, when the gardens open again, and available for all their walkers.

The project asks readers around the world to collaborate with two voice recordings (reading aloud) and a photograph in their personal library or reading space, to be made before the end of December 2020. 

Libraries as Gardens was launched at the Analogio Performance Arts Festival in Athens in 2018. It explores how gardens and libraries overlap, departing from the divide between inside/outside, and involves walking, writing, and site-specific practices, inspired by the Library of Walks project by Stefaan van Biesen and developed together with Geert Vermeire on international scale.


Made of Walking July 2020 Guimaraes (hybrid event)

with an e-book to published in 2021

al op de site

Supercluster - Earthlings Summer School July 2020 (King's College, London) & September 2021 (University of Canberra, Australia)

Locative media for Earthling in a Changing World - 2 to 16 July 2020

The Earthlings Summer School 2020 was a creative response to (im)mobility, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic,  to explore how locative media can be used to understand these issues, in a collaborative creative approach.

The Summer School delves into much more than the creative potential of new location-based technologies of our ubiquitous mobile devices, and zooms in on how walking arts in the 21st century can connect us in deeper ways with the Earth and with others.

This Summer School gives attention to experiential and horizontal learning through the creation of location-based content in 6 interdisciplinary groups of 6 participants, drawing from collaborative practices and alternative forms of (outdoors) education.

It is an educative pilot project and experimental breeding ground for innovation with the use of locative media and in the framework of walking arts, for which we invited online speakers from a diversity of fields to share their practices in geography, science, ecology, writing, performative arts, sound arts, and in walking arts, during the two-week trajectory in July 2020

Organised by Mike Duggan (King’s College London), Fred Adam (GPS Museum) and Geert Vermeire (Made of Walking/the Milena principle ) and funded by the British Academy / Leverhulme Trust

The Meeting of the Waters | Locative Media Oceania - 18 September to 4 October 2021

This 2.5 week virtual program is a collaboration between Treecreate, Fred Adam (GPSMuseum) and Geert Vermeire (Made of Walking/the Milena principle) hosted by the University of Canberra

It is designed as a creative response to the themes of water, connection and climate change to explore how locative media can be used to understand these issues, in a collaborative approach engaging science and local knowledge.

The program gives attention to experiential and horizontal learning through the creation of location-based content in interdisciplinary teams, drawing from collaborative practices and alternative forms of (outdoors) education. 

It builds on the very successful Locative Media Summer School hosted by King’s College London in collaboration with Supercluster in July 2020. 

Participants need to be available between 18 Sept - 4 Oct, follow the organised online activities for around two hours a day, as well as dedicate about one hour a day to group activity (self-organised).  Parts of the program are pre-recorded and involve self-study. 

The Meeting of the Waters | Locative Media Oceania is offered free of charge. We can accept 36 participants (6 groups of 6). Practitioners from all disciplines are welcome to apply. No technological background or special knowledge is required and creatives and researchers, including students, from non-technological fields are encouraged to apply. 

We expect to receive many applications, so the participants will be selected based on affinity with the topics and interdisciplinarity. 

To be announced in January 2021 on 

Analogio Festival September 2020

Libraries as gardens - curated online activities and talks about walking, ecology and (performative) arts

Supercluster - Fire Pit gatherings since September 2020 

In Summer 2020, a global cohort of cross-disciplinary practitioners gathered online to discuss about and to respond creatively to our global crises. The global two week summer meet-up continues into the fire pit sessions, open for all creatives, a digital space to gather inspired by ancient storytelling around goodness and gratitude. 

Each fire pit gathering has a particular theme. This online gathering is each time orchestrated by two fire keepers and stars by the sharing of a simple story of gratitude and goodness; an earth story.



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